• A sanctuary, inspired by Govan’s rich history, resting upon the riverside.
  • A cloister of therapy.
  • A harbor to find acceptance and peace.
  • A place to celebrate life.
  • A space to reinforce and anchor meaningful bonds.
  • A resting place extended through the church cantilevering out towards the river.
  • A healing hospice



The research stage of the project involved site analysis of Govan to pick a site. I choose a site that sat along with river and had an existing church. I wanted to incorporate the church into my design, therefore I did a detailed analysis of it and found the original drawings.



The site is split up into two zones, the residential side and the public side, with the hospice on one side and the bathhouse on the other. There is a block of housing which separates these two buildings.





The long section through the sanctuary zone of the hospice shows how the churche’s alter space is project through the hospice. The sanctuary within the hospice creates an apse for the church, through the therapy spaces and right to the cantilever of the viewing room out over the river



These are a series of diagrams that show the different space within the hospice and there relationship to the church. These are as follows:

– A sanctuary extended through the church space.

– A cloister for the church, picking up on the form of Doomster’s Hill.

– A projection through the centre of the columns that sit at the back and front of the nave.

– Extension of social space and addition of internal circle that symbolises the ‘well’ that used to be part of the site. This is the space to gather and dine.

– The projection through the side chapel to create an outdoor garden space and building.







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